I want to build a robot. Not many people get the reason, but for me it’s to get a full time job building robots. I’m a mechanical engineer and have spent the last 3-4 years since graduation working as a software developer. My specialty in university was mechatronics so I like software, but my real interest is seeing hardware and software play nice together.

To build up more experience, I’ve set out on a project to learn as much as possible about the design, manufacture, assembly and usage of robots.

But what to make?

I really like rugged robots that have 4 wheel drive and explore the world, so I’m going with a rover. Everyone hates yard work, so I also want it to be something I can use with multiple tools that reduce my potential chores close to zero. Put those together and the name YardBot comes naturally.

My project will give me the opportunity to learn about the following skills and components:

  • Design and manufacture of mechanical subsystems using commercial 3D CAD software and machine shop tools
  • Schematic design using Eagle PCB software and PCB manufacture services
  • Assembly of custom and off-the-shelf components
  • Custom control system using Arduino microcontrollers, multiple sensors and Robot Operating System

For more information contact human @ yardbot.ca.